Monday, 21 July 2014

"it's Like Geek Christmas!"

We warned you it was coming, we said it was time we started branching out reviews and that time has come!

Yep today we received a loot crate, For those who don't know LootCrate is an US company who once a month will send you a crate full of loot (which the name should of warned you) all you know in advance is the theme which this month was VILLAINS!

As you can see there was some damage which considering it came from the US with at no additional shipping isn't all that bad, I suspect the damage was caused by customs officers looking for an entirely different kind of loot, fortunately nothing inside was damaged.

 As you can see the contents and the box are rather great! being greeted by Deadpool and Joker certainly makers an epic first impression.  

As you can see the box is rather cool and has been customised for the Villains theme. I am rather fond of the "Killing Joke" homage other the "document" section

 This crate contains 2 posters, 1 shirt, 1 pair of socks (yeah, know what your thinking but they are Deadpool socks), 1 Darth Vader keyring, 1 Bowser magnet, 1 comic, 1 DVD detailing DC's villains and 1 guide. A nice little cross section of loot

The poster's as you can tell are rather impressive.

Harley appears to be based on her Arkham City design and i believe her Arkham Asylum outfit is in her hand.

What to say about the Joker poster... it's disturning well thought out in an rather chaotic style... Much like the Clown Prince of Crime himself

Next up is a special super exclusive cover for Marvel's brand new Rocket Raccoon solo series. Rocket Racoon is a member of "Guardians of The Galaxy"  not to be confused with the small blue men from Green Lantern but is related to the upcoming film of the same name. This is apart of Marvel's NOW! program so i meant to be an "easy jumping on point" for new fans.

The cover is certainly an loot crate exclusive as the titular Jet Rodent is carrying a LootCrate. I'm unsure if this will be a collector's edition due to that inclusion but i'm sure appeals to fans on the service and the character.

the exclusive comic varient certainly dose make the box seem more valuable and certainly exclusive it dose however pale in comparison for me with the next item

The "Joki" T-shirt, I mean just look at it. It obviously reminds me not only of DC & Marvels "Amalgamation" series where they fused DC and Marvel characters (Sadly Joki wasn't part of that) but also reminds me the "Emperor Joker" Superman graphic novel where Joker gains reality altering powers.

It's hard to give this a score as it's rather subjective. 
I personally favour DC which made this a tad less great for me than it would for others.
That being said it was well balanced between DC and Marvel 
Will I continue with LootCrate? Possibly it will entirely depend on the next theme.

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